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Spanking dating site

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All the sites I've listed here are sites that I like. The blogs listed here are either heterosexual or lesbian.

As a sexual spanking fetishist, I don't fit into the majority when it comes to my sexuality.

The opposite is a blog that starts with something like "Feeling: bored" and continues with a rambling account of their mother's stubbornness and foibles.

The vast majority of blogs are like this, on-line diaries of people's ramblings about their day-to-day lives and thoughts.

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What I find fascinating about this list of web page links is that the vast majority are written by women.Most of these women are bottoms (e.g., they get spanked, in contrast to tops who give spankings).

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These wonderful blogs are an example of how the Web supports expression and creativity.If you spend several hours every day watching television "Reality Shows", you're just not going to have very interesting thoughts.If you find your site in this list, please don't take the ordering to heart.I have always felt a kinship with gay men because of this.But the blogs and web pages listed here are those that reflect my sexual tastes and my tastes don't run to men.Choose Your Favorite Implement and Start Meeting People in Your Area Right Now!