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Above all, he surrounded himself with young minds and believed in nurturing them.

He also adopted a very clinical, matter-of-fact approach to his ailment.

When he spoke to his friends and colleagues about his ailment, he did so with neither bitterness nor sorrow and always exuded positivity.

Gnani’s contribution to the Tamil political and socio-cultural landscape spans over four decades.

At various times, he straddled the roles of journalist, columnist, political commentator, filmmaker and theatre personality; in all his facets, what Gnani magazine several years ago, in which Gnani made stinging remarks on contemporary political events — made him a celebrated political commentator.

It is situated at an altitude of 1515 metres (4970 ft) above sea level, and the highest point in Yercaud is the Servarayan temple, at 5,326 feet (1,623 m).

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He believed in continuing dialogue with those whose opinions differed from his — no matter how a You Tube channel early this month and recorded video commentary on various issues, including the transport strike and actor Rajinikanth’s 'spiritual politics'.

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Winters are fairly mild, starting in December and ending in February. Winters range from 12 °C to 24 °C, and summers from 16 °C to 30 °C. The coffee bushes blossom in April and offer a spectacular view. The National Orchidarium and Botanical garden is situated in Yercaud, it is maintained by southern circle of Botanical Survey of India.Yercaud is connected to the city of Salem, Tamil Nadu through a Highway of 28 km.Coffee and citrus fruits, most notably oranges, are grown in abundance, as well as bananas, pears and jackfruit. Fischer, a European of German origin, purchased the Salem Zamindar in 1836.The National Orchidarium established in the year 1963. There are 3000 trees and 1800 shrubs grown in Orchidarium.Insectivorous pitcher plant is among the interesting plants grown in the Botanical garden.He continued to remain positive and hopeful, continued to work towards that which he believed in.