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She offers new theoretical approaches for understanding the intersectionality of ageing, gender and sexuality, and analyses the social policy implications of these findings. / Leibing, Annette / Guberman, Nancy / Reeve, Jeanne / Allen, Ruth E. [2012] The Meaning of ‘Aging in Place’ to Older People In: The Gerontologist, 52(3): 357-366. This study illuminates the concept of aging in place in terms of functional, symbolic, and emotional attachments and meanings of homes, neighbourhoods, and communities.

Leisure-related away-from-home consumption gains importance for a portion of pensioners.

These impacts are strong and highly significant for German households.

There are roles that intensify (such a s homemaker), diminish (for example worker, parent, spouse, lover), intensify with special effort (e.g. [2010] Mobility in Older Adults: A Comprehensive Framework In: The Gerontologist, 50(4): 443-450. Mobility is fundamental to active aging and is intimately linked to health status and quality of life.

active citizen), or emerge for the first time (carer of a grandchild or parent). Although there is widespread acceptance regarding the importance of mobility in older adults, there have been few attempts to comprehensively portray mobility, and research has to a large extent been discipline specific.

whether successful aging is thought to be contingent self-sufficiency, half-sufficiency or dependency upon one’s family in old age). The authors examine how food-related time use alters within the 50 generation in Germany due to retirement.

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The author presents a newly designed theoretical framework for the study of the relationship between cultural values and successful aging, value orientations regarding relational modes (i.e.whether individual, collateral and lineal relationships are preferred) and the understandings of successful aging that follow from them (i.e.

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Aging is a summary term for a set of processes, which contribute to health deterioration and ultimately to death with the passage of time.” was explored, including reflections on aging in place.Older people want choices about where and how they age in place.Conclusion: there is no indication of a retirement-consumption puzzle but of a planned behavioral change in a new phase of life.Vidovićová, Lucie [2018] New Roles for Older People In: Journal of Population Ageing, pp 1-6.Westwood provides a new perspective on older individuals in same-sex relationships, including those who choose not to label their sexualities.