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Updating bios and raid

You need to get to version 1.40 or better for firmware to work. Just download the HP SPP DVD and run your firmware updates from there.

For now, the two hosts are directly connected using a cross-over LC/LC SR fiber optic cable.

I did have a bit of difficulty getting the cards to correctly load and become available in v Sphere 5.1.

Some call it flashing the BIOS (like me) and others call it updating the BIOS.

Either way, the goal is to wipe the old BIOS firmware and load the latest and greatest.

After updating BIOS, all the settings will be reset to the default.

updating bios and raid-76

I have always had a hardware RAID 5, but recently lost tons of data due to a drive loss, even after recovery steps.

updating bios and raid-13updating bios and raid-4updating bios and raid-22

Here are the three steps to follow: Fire up the Supermicro download page and put in your motherboard model. I strongly recommend making sure that your server is plugged into a UPS before moving forward with the upgrade.After a bit of troubleshooting I finally discovered the root cause: the motherboard BIOS version was too far out of date to support the cards.This post will go over how to easily update the BIOS on a Supermicro board, along with another post that will cover using the Emulex One Command software plugin for v Center to easily discover and update the CNA firmware.Even though all BIOS and other messages from the raid controller, Dell Openmanage software, etc.gave me a green light on its status, it wasn't actually doing what it said it was doing. This brings you to the RAID options, where you can check the status of the RAID.~ # df -h Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on VMFS-5 9.1T 7.6T 1.5T 83% /vmfs/volumes/ds0 vfat 249.7M 147.8M 102.0M 59% /vmfs/volumes/2e8e17e7-bac572db-1b37-fee052a17641 vfat 249.7M 147.8M 101.9M 59% /vmfs/volumes/3cb7c2ee-5f4b1198-e18b-5b2c486f9724 vfat 285.8M 208.2M 77.6M 73% /vmfs/volumes/4fc813f8-70eae62b-3849-ac162db23ab0 The Intelligent Provisioning firmware is not handled by the standard firmware upgrade process or HP Service Pack for Pro Liant DVD.