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Sexy aunties chating

I was checking out all the beautiful aunties and girls present there and were very busy doing so when suddenly someone patted my back and to my surprise it was Saarna.

I was scared to death I thought she would shout and make hungama and tell my parents. She asked what I was doing in a harsh way and I got scared and told her I’m sorry and it won’t repeat again and told her not to tell my parents.

Later she said ok and told me not to repeat it again.

She removed her buttons and removed her boobs out of it.

I went to her and saw her boobs they were beautiful it was pink in color.

I woke later that night and I saw that my hands were on her thighs almost close to her pussy and I could feel her pussy heat in my hands.

She told me to do it fast and started fucking her hard for 20 minutes and I told her I was about to cum she told me to take it out and told she wants to drink my cum.I removed my cock from her pussy and put it in her mouth and eject a full load cum and she drank all of it without leaving a drop and sucked my cock again until it got hard that night.

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I wanted to touch and squeeze those marvellous melons and I wanted to touch badly.I was scared and I could not sleep after sometime she called me said why did I put my hands inside her nighty and she told me tell the truth or else she would complain my parents about it.So I told her that I found her boobs very sexy and put some masala which she later asked whether I wanted to see it her which I said yes.I started squeezing her boobs and sucking them and was fingering her pussy.Her pussy was neatly shaved and I went down started fucking her pussy by my tongue. I started fucking her more which my mouth and later she cum and I wiped it off mean while my cock was rock hard and brought it near her pussy she guided me to enter. She started to moaning aaaahhhhh and blood was oozing out and I start moving to and fro.I and my parents left to Hyderabad for my cousin Bro’s wedding on the wedding day.