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Ukrainian cam

After finishing his hike at Scotts Peak the previous day, he decided to surprise me by coming out to Farmhouse Creek……….least a 3 or 4 hour drive. As a result of Viktor’s generosity, instead of spending the rest of the day road walking, I soon found myself enjoying a family sized serving of fish and chips washed down with a few hard earned beers. I couldn’t have asked for a better end to my journey!

Following a failed military coup d'etat that resulted in the collapse of the USSR, Ukraine established its independence on 16 July 1990.

Many manufacturing facilities were maintained in Ukraine under Soviet control, and these in turn also transferred ownership with the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

After parting ways (he was headed in the opposite direction), I didn’t expect to see Viktor again. The first 40% of which were on a very rarely used one way dirt road, in which the chances of obtaining a ride were roughly equivalent to spotting a unicorn.

As the vehicle drew closer I broke out into a huge grin.

The Guard has since been re-established since March 2014.

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On the third to last day of the Southwest Tasmania Traverse, I camped at a place called Goon Moor. Born in the Ukraine, Viktor’s family immigrated to the United States after the fall of the Soviet Union. Over the past few months he has been travelling and hiking around the We chatted for a few hours that evening and then again over breakfast the following morning.It never ceases to amaze me all the interesting people you meet while walking in the woods. I’d just finished the traverse at the Farmhouse Creek trailhead, and was looking at a 28 mile (46 km) road walk back to civilization.

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I realized, while purchasing a football (soccer to us Americans) jersey, that I understand a lot more Russian than I understand.As such, Ukraine is one of the only former Soviet republics to enjoy a long standing tradition of producing its own camouflage uniforms rather than importing them or copying the designs of its neighbors.In the modern era, however, an increasingly large number of commercial products have been reaching military units of this former Soviet republic, with the result that such distinctions are becoming less and less common.I was also surprised that no one I spoke Russian with on the street seemed surprised that I knew Russian, nor did they particularly care.At least my friends seemed impressed that I could converse on the street, but it was enough for me that I could understand what was being said.It was none other than the Ukrainian gypsy himself, Viktor!