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Accomadating relationship in workplace

It’s either “slept in” or “was late leaving the house,” which is not a valid excuse.

Or sure, maybe you’re being treated unfairly and held to a different standard than everyone else.

But none of that changes the situation here, which is that you’re being told you need to be more reliably on time.

Plus, the ride home was my one quiet time of the day, where I could crank up my music, not have to talk to anyone and could decompress. Amanda has never once offered gas money or asked if I mind driving her.

She lives literally 2 blocks from me, but it’s really affecting my routine. It’s not at all fair to Amanda to be stewing about this and not letting her know.

I believe she will try to promote me within this calendar year.

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There isn’t a plan yet to recruit for my position (although I’m sure there will be someone for the fall).There have been a few rocky moments with our program this year and I want to be as supportive as possible in helping them think about next year (and know that things will be ok!

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It’s always assumed that I will give her a ride, since she lives so close.She is a world of difference from the awful boss I endured for years before her.Our workplace is experiencing a lot of change (new leadership, layoffs) and she has asked me several times for assurance that I am not looking to leave.That being said, the new job still has it all over any possible promotion my current boss would be able to offer me. What do I say to my lovely mentor-boss to let her know that I appreciate all she’s done for me?My leaving will be a huge burden for her and the rest of the team.She never has an excuse (along with everyone else I work with) as to why she is late.