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Poor dating the rich

Writing exclusively in the Sunday Herald, Harry Burns, who serves on the Scottish government's Council of Economic Advisors, said: "If you tax the rich and give the money to the poor everyone benefits, including the rich." Burns, who was Scotland's Chief Medical Officer, believes a citizen’s "basic income" would "transform life in deprived parts of Scotland".

In the town of Gary, Indiana, pregnant women must have spent the money on food because the number of low birth-weight babies being born fell substantially.

"In Dauphin, Manitoba, hospitalisations fell by 8.5 per cent, saving the provincial government’s healthcare budget significant sums.

However, he claims the cost of setting up the scheme would be offset by cutting inequality, increasing educational attainment, reducing offending, and tackling poor life expectancy.

He writes: "While it will cost to set up, ultimately it will deliver considerable benefits to society and the economy in particular as young people become more likely to succeed at school, get into employment and avoid going to jail.

A school has backed down after implementing a policy that saw children banned from playing with new equipment if their parents didn't donate £6.

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Burns is to raise the plan at Sturgeon's next Council of Economic Advisers summit on January 17 and 18.

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"In North America, in the 1970s, a number of towns began to make payments to their citizens to bring their income up to an agreed basic level.He insists it had not been a disincentive to work and recipients had not squandered the payments.Burns claims it had also led to a fall in crime, drug and alcohol abuse, as well as an increase in school attainment among poorer students.The projects lasted for several years until political change brought them to an abrupt end.Predictions that a minimum guaranteed outcome would lead to people stopping work or spending the money on alcohol were wrong.ONE of Nicola Sturgeon's closest advisors has called for the rich to be taxed in order to fund a basic 'citizens' income' for the poor in Scotland.