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That means traditional templates aren’t going to do the trick. Rules are something other people have to worry about.

If they shut you down every time you want to talk about highly abstract conversations, it doesn’t matter how great they are on paper (or in the sac, or when they take their shirt off…), you’ll only be okay with that for so long before you realize you’ll have to get it from outside the relationship.

Which is okay – maybe you have friends that are abstract conversationalists.

But let’s put this into perspective: out of every 100 people you run into, 30 of them are likely to be Intuitive.

Of course, this varies to a large extent on the environment you’re in.

I want to warn everyone – I’m going to be talking to JUST the Intuitives here.

But that’s how the world stays stagnate – fear of failure.

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They always seem to have someone, they spend about two minutes between relationships and are confused by the idea that anyone would have trouble finding ‘the one’.But think about how much more satisfying that conversation would be in a romantic context: over dinner, walking together, or lying in bed.Think of having someone who not only believes you should be dreaming big but supports those dreams. You can absolutely find that person, and here’s how: Approximately 30% of the population is Intuitive.Fail better.”In our program – Your Personality: The Owner’s Manual – we go over the enormous disservice we do to ourselves by fearing failure and being a “Mistakes of Omission” instead of a “Mistakes of Commission” society. (That means you’ll nod a lot.)Your biggest need (and probably unmet at this point) is regular, high quality, abstract, conceptual conversation. Finding someone that can engage and enjoy that kind of conversation is like finding an oasis in a desert, and sometimes you can see it as the only source you’re ever going to find.If you’re with someone that can’t or won’t talk about your ambitions, ideas, and extrapolations on life, the universe and everything else, then you’re with the wrong person. That doesn’t mean they have to be Intuitive, but it mean they can’t be dismissive of your Intuition.You must remember one thing: You’re not like other people, so stop trying to date like them. if you want your relationship to be based upon creating addiction through inconsistent reward. Giving a rat a piece of cheese only when they perform a task of your choosing, thus making them obsessed with doing that task just…in…case…they get the cheese. But maybe not so good for long term relationships.)You’re an Intuitive.