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Bret michaels dating again

PHOTOS: Stars' blingy engagement rings At the time, Michaels explained that the "promise ring" would serve as Gibson's engagement rock as well. PHOTOS: Engagements of the year "She's been very patient and strong," Michaels told Us of Gibson, who stood by his side this year throughout his scary brain hemorrhage and subsequent stroke.

After the meet-and-greet, Michaels repairs to his dressing room, where a shot of Jameson in a red cup awaits him. He always likes to take a shot or two before a show. And if anybody in the band tells you otherwise, I'd think they're lying." Says De Ville, "I would like to be out there as well, but, no, it does not piss me off. He likes to have 10 things going at once." For his part, Michaels says, "There's no malicious reason I do it.

It's just in addition to what I do with Poison." How long Poison continue to tour, however, may be in some kind of doubt.

"If it takes me four years to get Bret to agree to play a tour," says Dall, "you never know if there's going to be another one. When you see a Poison show, we're starting out with ' Cat Dragged In' and ' Talk Dirty to Me,' and since the beginning until today, I just want everyone to have a great time.

It's gotten so hard to just get it done." But they're here now, about to play to the same fans who all along have found solace and joy in Michaels' unapologetically and relentlessly upbeat attitude toward his music."You don't get to stay here for 30 years by accident," he says. My speech is always the same: ' Be rocking, be real but be relevant.' See, good, bad or indifferent, I'm not a glory-days guy. "It's hard not to like a guy who says this kind of thing and seems to mean it, although it could all be an act and he's really some kind of huckster businessman supreme – just the kind of sharp-eyed, savvy guy who would sign up to star in a cheesy reality dating TV show called Rock of Love With Bret Michaels, which ran for three seasons starting in 2007, and who in 2010 would actually win Celebrity Apprentice 3 and who today takes a very diplomatic view of his Celebrity Apprentice boss and current president of the United States, Donald Trump: "I have no idea what his political agenda is.

Both have red outfits, you never see them in the same picture, they use the same letters, they are the same person."Pretty soon, Rockett is telling a story about Michaels from the band's pre-glory days, when they all lived in a warehouse where "you could hear the other guy fucking and farting and everything else" and where one night he and Michaels brought back two girls and started going at it. But he can only stay away for so long before he sidles back to say, "I just want to let you know I didn't pass out on every fucking groupie, OK? They cuddle with you, hug you." (As it turns out, Michaels has two pet rats.) "I'm like, ' Man, you guys got a bad rap.

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In more recent years, it's basically revolved around Michaels' desire to tour solo, leaving guitarist C. De Ville, bass player Bobby Dall and drummer Rikki Rockett scratching their heads and not knowing what's what. " Rockett says), girlied themselves up with mascara, lipstick, eye shadow and rouge, outfitted themselves with spandex, chains, leather chaps and mesh half-gloves, and carried on in such a fashion as to allow Exodus guitarist Gary Holt to call guys like them "sissy Nancy boys" and Michaels to shrug off such criticisms, since they were the first gang of born-to-lose guys from small-town Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, to make it big, no matter what it took."It's showbiz," Michaels said in 1987. They remember guys in makeup." And today he says, "In the beginning, when we spent three years sleeping in sleeping bags behind a dry cleaners in L.Then, two years ago, Rockett developed oral cancer, which he has successfully battled. OK, now I gotta get another shot of Jameson before I go on."A few moments later, the boys are onstage, together, as Poison, for the first time in five years, thrashing into the opening chords of "Look What the Cat Dragged In."Michaels, the cat himself, is standing back, offstage, waiting for the right moment to pounce, bouncing off his heels and jabbing his fists into the air."All ready," he says. A., I said, ' We gotta figure out a way to stand out from the crowd.' So we found a way to do that. Sorry." And then there are Poison's songs, all of which revolve around the usual rock tropes, lust, horniness, love gone sour and bad behavior, propelled by a sound that could only be called milquetoast metal at best. (featuring the band's only Number One single, the legitimately great power ballad "Every Rose Has Its Thorn"), to 1990's Flesh & Blood (with two Top 10 singles, "Unskinny Bop" and "Something to Believe In," yet another power ballad), and to 25 million copies of their first three records sold.

"We were one of 10 billion bands trying to make it," Michaels says. It's actually kind of wonderful and displays nothing if not commitment to the cause. The only thing you can hear is fucking feet moving around! Then I get handed a guitar that's fucking out of tune and I'm fucking tuning it while we're playing! He and De Ville used to go at it, with a tooth chipped here and a nose busted there.We used to hang out."Michaels leans back and kind of squints, like he's trying to match the face with the place and how it might have gone way back then, when Poison were known for nothing if not debauchery, lots of sex, lots of drugs, basically just lots of everything at a time when blow jobs on tour buses were the most common of currencies. Then Michaels started going on the road with a different backing band and playing Poison's songs, which upset the rest of the guys.His eyes look a little glazed but then he snaps back to the present after De Ville says, "Oh, I bet you we did, and I bet there were piles of cocaine, too," which gets a big laugh, because no one is doing cocaine anymore, especially not De Ville, whose addiction issues got him fired from the band for a five-year stretch in the early Nineties. Makes me feel rock & roll and good."He slips his feet into a pair of custom-made leopard-skin sneakers ("Gotta have some leopard skin in rock & roll"), tugs on a sleeveless T-shirt, runs to the bathroom to apply some eyeliner (the last vestige of the early glam days), then gathers De Ville (55, crazy-eyed, rabbity), Dall (53, laid-back, hipsterish) and Rockett (55, friendly, the coolest of dudes) together into a huddle."Listen," he says, "I just wanna say: Dear Lord, let's have an amazing, amazing show, and thanks for giving us Rikki's health, and all the great harmonies, and God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change. "Yeah, if I'm being honest," says Dall, "I think it'd bother anybody.And for the past decade or so, Michaels himself has gone from one health scare to another, the biggest of which was a 2010 brain hemorrhage that nearly put him down for good. " he says to a buxom bustier-wearing young woman, sliding his arm over her shoulder. But, yeah, we've never quite fit in." It certainly didn't help that during their shows, they would introduce themselves in true cornball fashion: "Hi, I'm Bobby! " In fact, at one point, Slash was offered the guitarist slot that eventually went to De Ville and reportedly snarled, "Yeah, I'll take the job, but I'm not gonna wear all the fucking makeup. In 1986, MTV took a shine to Look What the Cat Dragged In, flinging the single "Talk Dirty to Me" into heavy rotation. But then flannel and grunge supplanted glam and glitter, and with it, Poison's time at the top.He's looking pretty peppy today, though, his trademark super-duper long hair (half his own these days, the rest "the finest European extensions that money can buy") held in place by his customary bandanna and cowboy hat, as he bounces around the meet-and-greet room two hours before the tour's first show, full of hyperactive ADD energy and big smiles, him and his boys shaking hands with fans and striking rock-god poses for group pictures."Hey, how's it going! "Hey, we're gonna put on a great show tonight! And then an older woman, pleasant-looking but rail-thin and gray, arrives in front of the guys, laughing and saying, "I'm from New Orleans. And I'm not gonna say, ' Hi, my name is Slash.' . Poison suddenly took off, which led to the 1988 sophomore-effort album, Open Up and Say . During the years that followed, the band toned down the glam and released four more studio albums – the last one with original material was 2002's Hollyweird – but sales were lackluster."If you love and respect someone, and Kristi and I do, I think that one day it will be right for me to make an honest woman out of her," he said, laughing. "I said 'that ring is going to encompass a friendship ring, promise ring, and engagement ring.'" Hefty, indeed: Sources tell Us that the couple designed the 4-carat platinum cushion-cut ring with micro pave diamonds at a cost of over $200,000.