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Dating lendy

I'm always watching it in youtube forr several times especiaaly the ENDING of the movie... PLSS come to our SCHOOL in Victorias National High School. love too pim and mario :] Can't take my eyes off the movie!!! I was so affected by the story, by the cast, by the entire movie.. I love baifern vry much,,,,,,,,,,,,...........tlaga,,,,,,,,,........ So watb r u waiting 4,.watchy it now,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,................. nevertheless, it was so great that it made me giggle... i love this movie..inspirasyon ko din to..nakakaiyak talaga nung nagtapat na si nam kay shone kawawa pa na man niya kasi nahulog siya sa pool!!! chon's stupid oblivious nature(or so it seemed) for the first hour and a half was something that the directors failed at. they should have stole the ending of 5cm per second and made it a happy one. they meet again accidentaly after 9 years and emotions just explode would have gone nicely. Pimchanok lewisedpaiboon is very charming, innocent and fine..mario maurer is a great actor. He can make girls wild and crazy because of his appeal..i am looking forward for the part2.. crazy little thing called love is very famous movie in our school. i even share this movie to my friends and they really like it so much.. let's me tell your guys some crazy little thing update with this movie 1.mario maurer just broke up with his girlfriend in real life v=nmzcp HUew B8&feature=related If you want to see the single/mv/lyrics/translation of these songs, you may want to copy the song title in Thai and search in youtube or google.

I've watched it may be 20 times but I am not bored. Honestly, I shave Chon that so coward to confess his love to Nam. =) i really love the movie which the characters are so beautiful especially P'Shone and P'Nam. but my crush dont realy know..maybe i could be the same story... 1 ahmmm i wish cris, has the same attitude of chon! And to be in the Top list movies on this site, it needs atleast 15 votes! hope more movies with nam and chon will be produce.. Back in fifth grade, i met this guy, let's say his name was ELMER, and he was drop-dead gorgeous! i lv this movie '' kisi prng ung movie medyo magkapareho rin sa tinadaanan ko"na my isang guy n ng kgusto ako s kanya when iwas in grade 5 natutuhan ko syang minahal araw_raw lagi akong pumapusok para makita ko sya palagi'the ng nlaman ko noong araw n my girlfriend n pla sya "ng nlaman ko ung "wla pring apikto sa akin n kahit my roon syng girlfriend. I'll make a promise will doing to watch this movie n hope it's good as my expetation........;-) wow, so many comments are posted here...

I really wish the two main actor and actress with act together more in future films. At first time I watched this movie with my older brother and I wonder that "What does P'Chone said at the end that make Nam crying? And finally I can find the answer by watching eng sub. mario maurer and my first love somehow looked alike?? and mario is cute i love your movie i hope you have new movie with us ... There's not only the romance, there's also so many comedy scene that make me laugh. although " it's complicated" prin status namin ngayon..s ebz! " hehehe and P'Top and P'Pin are also pretty people. it is cool to watch this kind of show after stressful days and frustrations. heheheheheh lol Last march there were only 5 votes in this page. i love this movie because it makes me remember someone... So many things have happened, and I've been inlove with him for 4 years, but i never said anything,, what should i do? My comment in this movie : A Crazy Little Thing called LOVE is. P' Shone is so handsome while Nam Krab is so beautiful when she was on M.3 . I just finnaly know when i opened AMW movies cathegory n i found this in the highet rating voted....!!!!!!

Aww, they are just amazing being secretly in love to each other. :) i very very love this film.u sure this film just maked only 1 year 2009-2010? THANK YOU This movie was my favorite I can watch it over and over again! I can relate to this movie a little bit because I'm a 14 years old girl too and I have an ultimate crush in school too actually he's a heart throb and the most popular boy in our campus nam.................

My sister downloaded this movie about last 2 years. :) The way that Nam never give up easily just to notice by the guy she likes and Shone gave his sacrifice with his best friend Top, to not pursue Nam! i have really enjoyed this movie too much and i wanted to tell that this thing is also happended on my life so i was also got emotional on watching this movie i dont understand the languages of this movie but ny watching the action and all i understood LL THE THING ABOUT THIS MOVIE. so to all that work hard for this movie, i salute all of you, well we were so thankful to all of you for creating such a very good movie...

I just watched this movie by my friend's recommend.

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I really appreciate the movie, and I watched it for about 7x and I still got the feeling of watching it for the first time... This is my first time to post a comment about this topic. Whenever I'm watching this movie, i misses my grade school and high school life. I hope producers here in the philippines could learn two lessons from making this movie: 1: Stories shouldn't be overcomplicated and overloaded with too much stars. This movie defies the word love-and my definition of true love, no matter how long they are separated with each other due to circumstances, time would find a way to make it happen. ohh god,this is really an awesome love story, i think i didn't blink even for a second just to read the subtitle (im from Phil by the way). part 2 please..i love it so much and really wanting for some more.. If you are Japan and Korean drama fan , go and watch that fan boy ... i think that the feeling of love and those great moments go hand in hand with language. but thailandian.whatever its called is really a harsh high sounding language. 1.) Can anyone help and tell me what's the title of the song played at - , it's more instrumental. chone, you gave justice to your role specially when you open that black book, CONGRATULATIONS!!! can you help me find a full vrsion movie of these???? They acted well that they achieved the audience's emotions.

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Mr Director, Cast, and Crew congratulations for a job well done! ouch but always love finds way to see what your sending to him^^ ... The place where Nam and Shone go with their friend, the lake and bridge are so wonderful. Please tell me 'cause I have plan to go to Thailand at the end of this year and really really really wanna go there. The director just told after receive a prize from Japan that he never announce there will be a sequel He know that many movie lover want part 2 that make him confuse but he think he might end up here because the story end already , both are in love and if the story about 9 year missing Shone and Nam won't be together right ? but im not satisfied with the ending the ending needs more ellaborative plays between the two lead characters and i hope that teacher pon told teacher inn that he likes her also... good job for this movie and hope for a sequel with a good ending thumbs up, Godbless Hi.. when i first heard about the movie..i just ignored it but when i saw its trailer on youtube.. so funny..rom-com 5 bai-fern got more popular in thai after this movie the supporting role in the tv-drama at prime time and many magazine fashion For those who asks for the songs (with subs). “สิ่งเล็กๆที่เรียกว่ารัก” / “one little thing called love” : I watched the movie 30 times and also my friends too . I loved every second of this movie and will always be a fan of Mario and Pimchanok. i really love crazy little thing called love it made my inspiration araw araw itong pinapalabas sa channel 14 sa Pilipinas masayang ako when i see Nam and Shone Thank you for being my inspiration because of this movie I gained strength, love, passion and confidence thank you for making this movie.. I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said "You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear." She placed the shell to her ear and screamed. that is the perfect movie and the most beautiful and romantic movie ever. its too crazy...was a realy2x cute and hondsome boy!!!!!!! you'll agree that indeed P'Shone is admirable, inside and out. a like nam and chon in this movie,their so perfect with each other. So, i got to talk to him and we became friends again. I love u guyz....^_^ Ive been watching crazy little thing called love for 10x hahahah its awesome movie ever....thankz for making me happy! But when nam change her style it's really fast, so I don't know how she can change her style. I think if the producer more details about the things above, this movie will be the best love story movie I ever seen after "my sassy girl". i just like to compliment the director and the story and script writer for making this wonderful story. i am daydreaming again because of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I watch it with my friend it's normal, but when I watch it alone sometimes I would to laugh and sometimes I would to cry This is the best movie on Love Story i had ever saw, by the way i'm from India and in India bollywood films on Love Story are not so good . And, I love the way Teacher Inn's jealous gesture anytime Teacher Orn and Teacher Phol stand adjacent, and also the way Teacher Inn says 'Snow White and The Seven Dwarfssssss' and shouted 'Labbit! Until now, I still asking: is Nam, from the beginning until the end of this movie, act by the same actress (Fern/Pimchanok) or not? Keep up the good work Today, I went to the beach front with my children. they were both suited at each other and im like so addict with that movie that i cannot focus on my studies anymore. what i like about this movie is you can relate with. So i created 10 accounts just to make this movie in the Top list lol!!! i like this movie so much .of my classmates love this movie even though i.. He's like Mario Maurer, except for a few features, but they're both German.. So every day, I did my best to be noticed, but then he found out, and we fought. Then, I was in sixth grade, when things began to twist, we were both a member of the SSG, an organization in school, and we were helding a party that time. ng vacation na hindi ko prin sya,hindi sya mawala s isp ko" pg kasusunod-sunod na mga buwan ay unti-unti ko syng nkakalimutan' ng october 2010 ay doon ko na lamn n may gusto n pla sya akin' ng nalaman ko 'yun ay hindi ako makapaniwala then wla na akong nararamdaman sa kanya after ng prapractice kmi pra sa graduation ay doon ko na raramdaman ulit 'yon i love this movie i like go in thailand like other i love mario maurer and pimchanok leuwisetpaiboon they are so good in acting love movie hope hat u will make another love movie together the movie crazy little thing called love has give so much value or lesson that not on beautiful woman that could be love in a handsome boy but also in not perfectly beautiful it is not important if u are so beautiful the important is how u will ove somebody a make them the special oe in your life even if u are not beautiful but u have the beauty of ur heart.........:) i love u maurer:) ^_^ This movie makes me happy it gives me insparation P'Shone your so handsome P'nam your so beautiful.. The first Thai love story movie I had ever seen, and I'm crying at the ending of this movie. it just prove that many viewer love this movie so much.. nerd popular guy= I'm totally not good for him but i'll confess anyway.... I'm going to become beautiful and I'm gonna come back for revenge. i love your movie is very great and the actress baifern baifern is so very cute im so ready watching the tittle BKO baifern very nice there your the one.. hahahaha to hi guys .movie made me remember of someone back in my high school days.those 4 years of my life that i'm inlove with him was i guess one of precious memories na hindi ko tlga mkakalimutan.. i am sure that i will also be a great hit to everyone,especially me.. But I'm using Hikari Hanazono as my name in my facebook. I hope that the director of it will make a part 2 of this movie. I can't belive it...many comment,so fantastic 500 people votet 4this movie....kinda awesome This movie must be a good one...why i just realize??? I would like to apprentice while you amend your website, how could i subscribe for a blog website? I had been tiny bit acquainted of this your broadcast provided bright clear concept I keep think of fanfiction when I see this.... She's soooo simple, cute and knows what she wants... Filipinos love to see this kind of movie love,comedy,horror etc... i hope the director of this movie put up its part 2... I like the episode that Nam propose her true feelings to Shone. ahhhh makilig gid ko kung ara kamo to ^_^ u dont understand sorry hahahahhaha : D BYE BYE I like you TWO aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh !!!! which was very unusual because only TITANIC made me cry.. pero ok lang atleast nalaman na ni shone ang lahat.job....meron pa......!!! love ko to something that tickle me i was watching this movie its just like old day when courting someone but the girls always do things to make him see that she interested to him... throughtout that hour and a half i felt that Chon didn't even really know her. it was like he was just there and was all happy didily dada .(when he first spoke...i almost stopped watching this..btw) the whole shock happens at the later part of the film when he appears out of nowhere. 4/10 3.999 of the 4 is because second half Nam was pretty gorgeus and the Lead was also prety handsome..language minused 3 and the rest.crappy plot,story,organization and pacing. the most review and comment of this website of all time !! this is the most unique (for me) movie I've ever seen... my classmates also liked it and they were crazy in love of this movie... the movie is so nice and more learning's to catch up! because of this movie, I really want to go to Thailand! hope there will be a part 2 in this movie ;) i like it very much...honestly i've watch it many times and i am not tired to watch it all over again.. actually i immediately have a research on it..the names of the characters and the language used.. 2.there are no any confirm about part2 of this movie...sorry about it 3the beginning after this movie launch last year hit among thai people and not so popular among the media ...week after that some people who like it ask the other though social media and webboar call "pantip" to watch this movie become hits even the older people went to the theater to watch it ....climb up to 70 million thai bath finally 4 during that time there is other movie name "hello stranger" take the first ranking in box office ..guy should try ..