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She can’t wait to get started, so they do…with the first “performance” being her reaction to a healthy dose of chloroform.

Terra is put off by his desires, but SK won’t let that get in the way of a good time!

First, he knocks her out with chloroform, all the while teasing her in and out of consciousness.

As he secures the ring, Sumiko comes to…but he takes her out with the rag, deciding to kidnap the agent for some re-programming at her rival’s lair.

He injects her with a mind-erasing drug, putting her to sleep a final time right before storing her in the trunk of his car.

She calls Velvets out but is told that she has to fight through a group of minions before reaching her rival.

Turns out only one of them is eligible for a huge promotion…and it’s to be decided by a knockout contest as both ladies search for a data-encrypted ring.The agents are given different KO weapons and proceed to go for the ultimate prize, repeatedly knocking each other out (with a little bondage thrown in for flavor) until Agent Velvets discovers the prize and finishes Sumiko off with a gas mask and a final tie-up.

This movie contains chloroform KOs, shoe temple drill KO, blackjack KO, sleeper hold KO, sleeping gas KO, teasing chloroform KO, injection KO, over the shoulder carries, Rag dolling, limp limb manipulation After months of tracking down the evil and alluring vampire known as Jacquelyn Velvets, demon-hunter Sumiko makes her way to the blood-suckers lair.He then picks her up over his shoulder and is amazed at her limp form and enjoys manipulating her body by draping it on the couch and onto the floor.When she awakens again, she is greeted by a blackjack blow to the head that takes two hits to finally do the trick, while having his way by repeatedly knocking her out, undressing, and carrying his new sleeping beauty.Terra struggles beneath the cloth, but with all of her effort to fight it, she succumbs to the fumes and becomes his knocked out rag doll.Pleased with the results, SK continues to test her unconsciousness and proceeds to let her awaken.As before, Sleeperkid steps in on Miss Velvets behalf, explaining to the sexy and super-talented Coco that she’s being watched LIVE by Miss Velvets herself!