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Updating linkstation firmware

Linux power users will likely prefer the complete control of a full Free Link installation (such as via the process documented in this thread by forum member farallon

(Search that page for "squeezecenter".) ***** IPKG and JTYMOD: THE EASY WAY TO INSTALL SQUEEZECENTER ON BUFFALO LINKSTATION PRO (LS-GL) OR LINKSTATION LIVE (HS-DHGL & LS-CHL) MODELS WITH ARM PROCESSOR This set of instructions is based on numerous threads such as

t=52466 started by forum member bzhou and other Slim Devices forum threads, and various other web pages. Ive just put together all the pieces in one place to make a straightforward step-by-step instruction set for users who dont know any Linux.

With JTYMOD (or the stock Buffalo firmware), after Squeezecenter is installed, the Link Station graphical web interface permits you to control many settings of the Link Station without further use of Telnet or SSH and Linux code commands.

And you can configure shared folders without using Samba, which I find particularly appealing. Why should you install JTYMOD firmware if IPKG Squeezecenter can be installed with the stock Buffalo firmware?

For example: if your device is using a USB 3.0 port try a 2.0 port and vice versa.

updating linkstation firmware-60

If you are unable to complete a firmware update, please take the following steps: 1) Set both Steelseries Engine3and Steelseries Engine3in the folder to run as administrator.

***** I HAVE NOW CREATED A NEW SET OF THESE INSTRUCTIONS USING THE STOCK BUFFALO FIRMWARE.But for the average Joe or Jane PC computer user who doesnt know anything about Linux, installing JTYMOD firmware is easier than getting wget into the stock Buffalo firmware.Someone more experienced than I am with Linux could probably write instructions similar to these for the stock firmware, but attempting that process myself, I ran into a variety of problems that I couldnt figure out how to get around. The entirety of my Linux experience has been derived from loading Squeezecenter (and/or the older Slimserver) on Buffalo Link Stations.I have NOT tested this process on any other Link Station models, although other users have now confirmed that the new Link Station Live LS-CHL also uses an ARM processor, and Squeezecenter can be installed on it the same way.These instructions will probably NOT work with a Link Station EZ or Link Station Mini, which have much different hardware architectures. IPKG (Itsy Package Management System) is a quick and easy way to get Squeezecenter installed on a Buffalo Link Station Pro or Link Station Live.(More info on JTYMOD is at For the average Joe or Jane user, IPKG and JTYMOD form the simplest method to get Squeezecenter installed on a Link Station Pro or Link Station Live with minimal entry of coded commands.