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It is also a dynamic development process with inner contradictions and a dual nature.

But this was not to be, throughout most of Sudan’s independent status as a country it has been in constant turmoil.

For the first thirteen years, 1959-1969, an elected government ran Sudan, but in that year, 1969, the elected government would be toppled by a military coup.

One must emphasise on the term, ‘we’ (Young, 20) as allusions of a world where men and women live in unison and that they shape the world we live in today together....

[tags: Feminism and International Relations] - Level of analysis discloses three different ways of understanding international relations.

Ever since this incident, Sudan has been in a civil war almost indefinitely.

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First, it actually does make sense to attempt to hold as many things as possible constant, or as "givens" in attempting to craft explanations for events in international politics....[tags: International Relations] - Does A Gendered Approach Give Us A Significantly Different Understanding Of International Relations.

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Gender is significant in International Relations because they are ‘essential to understanding the world ‘we’ live in’ (Young, 20).This is the basis of a key aspect of International Relations: Sovereignty.Theoretically, it can be defined as the supreme power or authority.This paper agrees with Thayer that Evolutionary theory provides a scientific theory foundation for realism and is an ultimate cause for war and ethnic conflicts, as well as the assumption that origin of war is intrinsic in human nature as part of their evolution history....[tags: International Relations] - On January 1st, 1959 Sudan finally became its own independent country, and it looked as if it’s history of conflict would soon come to an end.- Globalization is a social process independent of man’s will.