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High school senior dating college junior

In the Mediterranean climate where this is less of an issue, open air schools were built to keep classrooms cool, but once air conditioning became universal in schools in the 2000s, the trend went back towards one large building.

In fiction, students will often be seen chatting in the hall while a bell rings and don't seem to have any hurry to go anywhere once the bell does ring.

In many real high schools, students are expected to be in the classroom before the bell rings and nobody should be in the hallway at that time. As in real-life, they appear to have been chosen entirely at random.

Class-times may vary to suit the needs of the plot, with the result that students may arrive to or depart from the same class to a destination which differs from episode to episode.

Bells often do not work the same way as real life high schools.

The former is actually Truth in Television in Japan and a few other countries where students are assigned to a class that stays in a set homeroom with teachers coming in and out depending on the subject.

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There are often times during the school day when a student may freely wander the building without having to be anywhere in particular, and can freely enter and leave the campus at any time.

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Television writers seem unable to keep clear which conventions are specific to a high school, and which are more appropriate to a college (see also Elaborate University High)." In fiction, school sports are often a strictly male domain.Women's sports teams will essentially be non-existent, with women relegated strictly to cheerleader or non-athletic extracurricular activities.As in real-life, they are often patently ridiculous.Often, an "uncool" male protagonist will take a turn in the school mascot costume, for one episode, but almost never takes over the role for an entire season.It should be noted that the big gothic-looking schools of film were designed for maximum heat in winter.