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Dating a climber

After passing Red Trousers I followed another teams steps for as far as possible.

“If they recognize her climb when she used a helicopter to Camp Two, then they will have to allow this for others in the future.

[Perhaps] next year the helicopter companies will carry them to Camp Four and …climbing Everest has to be from the Base Camp, through the Iceflow”, he said.

Murdo regularly climbs with Iain Small and on that occasion Murdo told me the story of Iain refusing to stop and gear up until he was ahead of anyone else.

The reason for this was to be sure he was ahead of the game (aka the competition).

But this was fine, they were obviously just talking about all of the climbs and the Duel was well known, it stood out, it was a good marker and the logical place to orientate where the other climbs went. (We actually wanted and did climb The Duel into En Garde, a recent winter addition for folk who don’t like off-widths).

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Ms Wang initially returned to Kathmandu but later returned to Everest in secret with five sherpas who had never climbed the mountain before.

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The red into blue, is the original line of the Duel. p=6629this paragraph is about the first route I climbed on Ben Nevis, which was Glovers chimney, and climbed with Clive Taylor.The coire was stuffed full of smooth snow, not a single boulder poked its nose.Red Trousers and his partner had stopped on the flattening, which was quite a long way from the climbing.“Normally you have hundreds of climbers keeping the tracks open to the summit. What of the 99 per cent of Everest ascents that have used sherpa power to haul clients up fixed lines, up a beaten track, sucking on portered bottles of oxygen? If not the plan is failed and failed not because of my ability. The following day she left Kathmandu but did not post again until May 26 when she revealed she had in fact returned to Everest and climbed to the summit.“After going through innumerable trials and hardships, I finally climbed Everest from the south slope again at , May 23.Now, being old, I don’t remember, have I mentioned that the Duel has an off-width and in the guidebook description it suggests the use of a massive cam to protect the off-width. But with my weary head hung low, almost looking away, skulking some may say, I quietly shuffled past.