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Consolidating your library

The Troy Public Library was conceived as a demonstration of the integration of art into architecture, and is truly indicative of the remarkable design and construction achieved by American society in the late 19th century, aptly called the American Renaissance.

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The first appeared at the store of William Devenport at the corner of 17th Street and Second Avenue.

Then came a station at Groom’s Glass, 777 Burden Avenue, one at Stillman’s Pharmacy on Pawling Avenue, one at Berger’s Drug Store on Fifth Avenue, and finally one at Beman Park.

The necessary funds were never raised and under the special conditions of the gift, the original $5,000 reverted to her estate.

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In preparation, we need some information about any unique daytime weekday hours your library is open.

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A series of three full-day, interactive, face-to-face workshops!The north and east facades are brick, and since they were not to be seen in their urban context are rendered simply and with a minimum of decoration.In addition to the elaborate carvings, the new building also featured an original Tiffany window which was designed by Frederick Wilson to portray Venetian scholar and master printer Aldus Manutius (1450 – 1515) at the height of his career.In 1921, the East Side Branch Library opened at the back of a store on the corner of Pawling and Locust. In 1927 the Sycaway Branch opened in the newly built School 18 where it has been ever since.In 1939, the Lansingburgh Branch opened in rooms in the old Lansingburgh Academy building at 114th Street and Fourth Avenue where it is still located.Examples of the style prior to construction of the Troy Public Library include the Villard Houses (1886), The Low Library at Columbia University (1894) and the Boston Public Library (1887).