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Dating soldiers and their homecoming

One year later she meets a confused Oliver, but kicks him stating that prisoners do not speak and walks away.

Sara then agreed to Oliver’s offer and decided to go with him on the Queen's Gambit voyage with him.

Before she left, her mother came home early and saw her pack her “Starling Rockets” cap in a bag.

Sara Lance was born on December 25, 1987 to Quentin and Dinah Lance and had one older sister named Laurel Lance.

When Sara was 10 years old, her father bought her a canary pet which she loved, but it drove everyone else crazy.

After Sara joined Rip Hunter's team, she became known as White Canary.

A few days after the wreck accident Sara was found by a ship called the Amazo who took her on board the ship but they instead put her in a cell where other people were held.Later the crew dragged her out of the cell and were going to take her away, but they were stopped by a grey haired man who took Sara to his quarters instead. Anthony Ivo who told Sara when she asked that she was going to save the human race, and asked if she would join him.

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Laurel talked to her and told her about moving in with him and Sara tried to talk to her about Oliver’s reputation for sleeping with everyone, but Laurel took this as Sara being a bitch.Following this, she joined Team Arrow and began a relationship with Oliver.Sara soon rejoined the League as her part of a deal for their help in defeating Slade Wilson.; resurrected 2015) is a former member of the League of Assassins, a vigilante, and a former member of Team Arrow.She is also the daughter of Quentin and Dinah Lance, the younger sister of the late Laurel Lance, and the ex-lover/close friend of Oliver Queen.However, Sara would still feel a sense of loyalty towards him for saving her life no matter how dark it seemed he got.