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The nerdy teenager sinks down in her chair, trying to avoid students as they pass.

It's been every single day for the past four years. Alex asks what she is going to do to them and she responds by saying 'It's not what I'm going to do to you that matters, it's what you're going to do FOR me to get out of this!

' Derek laughs and starts to get up, calling Kris a nobody.

The boys look at the photos in horror, as we can only imagine what they are seeing! Cherie Deville, Eliza Jane And Ayumi Anime - The Competition Eliza Jane and Ayumi Anime are hanging out in her room chatting the afternoon away. She can't get past the fact that Eliza's mom, Cherie De Ville, is downstairs.

Eliza assures her that it doesn't matter; her mom is one of the cool ones and is totally accepting of the fact that she's gay. Anytime she gets something new, her mom wants it as well.

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The boys run inside and leave Kris cowering over her mess. Cut to Kris meekly changing into a one-piece bathing suit in a public stall.She picks up a cookie and starts to cry before slowly becoming expressionless and turning to stare at the door. Kris stares down at a bowl of cereal, as her mother walks past and urges her to eat. When her teacher pokes her head into the changing room and urges the girl to come to practice, Kris tells her she isn't feeling well and asks to skip the class.

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Laughing even harder, Kris shows them some polaroid photos she took while they were out and retorts that they don't need to worry about her, they need to worry about their reputation.She looks timidly at him before handing over the box and her books.But just as he takes them, another student named Derek comes flying in and knocks the stuff over.She is waiting for the bell to ring before getting out because she doesn't want anyone to see her.When it does, the girl breathes a sigh of relief and slowly gets out of her car.A box of homemade cookies sits wrapped up on the passenger seat beside her.