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A theatre was built to provide the travellers with entertainment featuring the major stars of the age.

It lies in south central West Berkshire, 3 miles (4.8 km) north of the Hampshire/Berkshire county boundary.

In the suburban village of Donnington lies the part-ruined Donnington Castle and the surrounding hills are home to some of the country's most famous racehorse training grounds (centred on nearby Lambourn).

Newbury was the site of two battles during the English Civil War, the First Battle of Newbury (at Wash Common) in 1643, and the Second Battle of Newbury (at Speen) in 1644.

The nearby Donnington Castle was reduced to a ruin in the aftermath of the second battle.

The latter was the outcome of a bet as to whether a gentleman's suit could be produced by the end of the day from wool taken from a sheep's back at the beginning.

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Having been approximately midway on the Bath Road from London, Newbury became something of a backwater market town, with an economy based largely on agriculture and horse-racing.

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This is reflected in the person of the 16th century cloth magnate, Jack of Newbury, the proprietor of what may well have been the first factory in England, and the later tale of the Newbury Coat.Newbury is also a civil parish, with parish council responsibilities undertaken by Newbury Town Council since 1997.Newbury Town Council currently has 23 councillors, representing seven wards of the town, currently: Brummel Grove, Clay Hill, Falkland, Northcroft, Pyle Hill, Victoria and St Johns.In the subsequent decades Newbury became something of a regional centre for the high-tech industries, and the town has since enjoyed a return to general economic prosperity.A large Royal Air Force station was established during the Second World War at Greenham Common on the edge of the town.One inn, the George & Pelican, was reputed to have stabling for 300 horses.