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Alcoholic dating recovering

Some people are connected to people in recovery choose to attend support groups as part of their own routine of self-care.

Hello, I'm new to this forum and found it when I googled "dating a recovering alcoholic" to see if I could find some people who were in the same situation as myself.

I've been scouring past posts on this message board and have learned a lot and have gathered a ton of advice. I recently started dating a guy and it's rather fresh (about one-month long); things moved fairly quickly and although it's still a brand new relationship I feel like we have a far deeper connection than some relationships that I've had in the past that were much longer.

Just remember that the person you’re dating is a recovering alcoholic, but they’re also a great deal more than that.

Focusing on those other qualities will only help you build a much stronger and more satisfying relationship overall.

It’s important to keep in mind that Alcoholic’s Anonymous isn’t just for the alcoholic him or herself – it was also designed for children, spouses and yes – even significant others.

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When a person is a recovering alcoholic, the chances are high that they’re tempted to pick up right where they left off fairly often.As a result, try to limit the amount of alcohol that you drink in front of that person.

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Some people may ask you not to drink in front of them at all.The reverse is true – if you’re hesitant about dating a recovering alcoholic, let that person know so that you can work through it together.Depending on how long an alcoholic has been in recovery, it is very likely that they may still be attending meetings at support groups like Alcoholic’s Anonymous on a regular basis.Not only will it help to deepen your understanding of what they’re truly going through, but it will also help you deal with some of the related issues yourself.Making that type of commitment can only serve to strengthen the relationship that you’re currently building.By learning as much as you can about alcoholism, you’ll be able to both deal with and support that person through the best and worst of times.