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Adult chathost

Being loyal by our definition is simply staying in our clan chat, and not leeching members to other clan chats.

Disclaimer: We do not offer any type of warranty, guarantee, or protection from items lost or stolen during clan events or personal meetings with members within the clan chat. If so, sign with your Rune Scape in game name below.

We recommend to only trust Silver star ranks or higher with boss splits, item lending, and other activities involving trust.

Update daily: goal of JANUARY was realize in the middle of 7 febr! 3 368 tokens remains from 1-st Imp EXTRA bill renovation of MY NEW WORK ROOM 47 700 tokens next 2 extra bills 1 345 642 tokens for Female Supremacy Legacy. ENGLISH **********************************************************************************************************************Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening.***********************************************************************************************************************ATTENTION! Daca ai o parere despre ce fac eu online, ridica mana stanga si acopera-ti gura cu dansa. This fetish is brought on by the need to be controlled in any and every way possible. Ofter a financial slave will take it upon himself to adopt a Mistress' BILL which he will pay faithfully every month for Her.

For those too lazy to read my huge profile, I have some free videos on my youtube channel where i explain mostly what I type it here too. **********************************************************************************************************************RULES AND IMPORTANT MESSAGES:**********************************************************************************************************************NO sk*pe. Cand nu intelegi ceva, incarca si trimite niste firimituri de tokens intr-un mesaj private. Nu ma intereseaza nici o alta oferta de job,salveaza-ti timpul, nu am de gand sa ma "ascund" dincolo de webcam. Rules 4 visitors:1-Obey at once.2-Mind your business&tip.3-Stay; on your knees with your eyes down if you think about yourself as being a slave.4-Anything else that u want to type to me,make sure that u type after you send a tip in credits.*************************************************************************************************************************************FINANCIAL DOMINATION: is when people, usually slaves and submissive men, pay or tribute money to a Dominant Female. Many Financial Slaves tribute on a weekly or daily basis,as well as buy their Mistresses gifts whenever told to or whenever theyfeel necessary.

If for some PERSONAL reasons you don't like my show or maybe what I don't show/say, just calmly leave the room or me/my knights will help you to leave MY page.******************************************************************************************************************************My Youtube channel: https:// Cs QROYGIPk Kq Xtnw Hello EVERYONE:https:// v=FZIu DC1l SFQ imperatriza femdomme findomme prodomme cfnm MY FETISH COLLECTION: https:// Nu ma opri pe strada ca nu ma intereseaza ce probleme ai cand sunt cu ai mei,pt asta am program aici si nu e nevoie sa deschizi webcamul,chiar nu am nevoie sa-ti vad moaca. I don't watch: pain 'till permanent marks, suicidal creepy plans, extreme torture or blood.*************************************************************************************************************************************ATTENTION! Privates are 180 tokens/10 the cost for your PRIVACY , your value. PARTIALISM: occurs in heterosexual,bisexual, and homosexual individuals.

Adult chathost-30

*****************************************************************************************************************************************3 368 tokens remains from 1-st Imp EXTRA bill renovation of MY NEW WORK ROOM 47 700 tokens next 2 extra bills 1 345 642 tokens for FEMALE SUPREMACY Legacy, via profile! *****************************************************************************************************************************************I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I If I am in a bathroom robe or any kind of robe.... Nu sunt romancutele tale si nici genul de stapana de care probabil esti pasionat. (not everyone does it) Wash your hands&penis;, BEFORE masturbating because after you will cum, need to eat yr cum from yr hand! *****************************************************************************************************************************************ATTENTION! *************************************************************************************************************************************PARAPHILIA: is a sexual perversion/deviation based on an intense sexual arousal to atypical objects, situations, fantasies, behaviors, associated by individuals. One of the method to keep it under control any types of paraphilia is Cognitive behavioral therapy*CBT using a combination of the basic principles from behavioral and cognitive psychology. v=4g M_lrv H wgo Mistress outfit &fetish; collection 2012-2016: MFf6Laq Rzg The old pics of Imperatriza 2012-2016: W-l F8hcl QImperatriza leather pantyhose CFNM dominatrix : Gez6Ehr Qk My Sexy Feet 2015: Ew Ke2FHs My Uniforms Outfits 2013-2015 : Zk8Tj8f Q**********************************************************************************************************************: TIP : TIP : TIP : TIP********************************************************************************************************************** Menu:**********************************************************************************************************************PM--50 TOKENS :tip Say Hello or Goodbye to room of yr Empress--1 :tip Say Hello to YR Empress--5 :tip Say Goodbye to YR Empress--10 :tip Song request--20 :tip Public interrogation--25 :tip any fetish items to be wear by Empress for 10 min--116 :tip Ask permission4schedule a pvt/cam2cam with YR Empress--12 :tip middle finger of Empress--20 :tip Donate for renovation of my second workroom of YR EMPRESS--100 :tip BUY FOR YR EMPRESS A SHOT of VODKA or Healphy Meal--500 :tip CHANGING MY OUTFIT OF DAY--999 :tip **********************************************************************************************************************buy used nylon socks of empress 1per2 until underknees--250 :tip buy old panties of Empress gstrings M measure full panties L or XL measure-1001 :tip buy used nylon socks of empress 3per4 until ankles--500 :tip buy used pantyhose of Empress tan black grey--1000 :tip **********************************************************************************************************************permission of empress to tied up yr balls--50 :tip permission of empress to whip yr back per whip--7 :tip permission of empress to slap yr cock per slap--11 :tip permission of empress to slap yr balls per slap--9 :tip permission of empress to slap yr face per slap--8 :tip permission of empress to type--6 :tip permission of empress to jerk--49 :tip **********************************************************************************************************************permission to read my rest of my profile: FREEEEEE NO pm for ask me things that I was allready answered down! **********************************************************************************************************************For GENEROUS members/HEROS OR MONEY SLAVES/SUBMISSIVES/PIGS: Donation for next extra bills Surgical correction of ear lobe(17700)Female Supremacy Legacy(336411)Give me a day off (I deserve it and NEED ONE) (5000)Cancelled the day off (5001)Buy for me a Webcam logitech CC3000e (30000) **********************************************************************************************************************ATTENTION! I search money generous humans/friends/heros/ kinksters/fetishists/supporters/fans/ losers/moneyslaves/moneypigs or anybody who think he/she can be My hero for send a total of 336 411 tokens EVERYDAY or a certain day of a week on rotation until 15 febr 2018! Tradu civilizat profilul meu si invata sa te comporti civilizat pe pagina mea. I DON'T OFFER VANILLA/cum/naked SHOW.****************************************************************************************************************************************Thanks for reading the Room Rules!! The foot is considered one of the most common partialisms.

If you choose to leave our clan at any time, that is fine.You will be ranked two stripes for applying and being approved. Verify that you will not beg for a rank at any time.Feel free to join our Discord, and ask questions if you have any! Do you agree you will not attempt to lure, scam, or engage in other questionable behavior that is against Rune Scape rules?This may be cancelled however, if the owner decides electing a general rank at the current time may be unfeasible.Congratulations (applicant name), you have been approved to join our OSRS Family! Have you read our clan rules, and do you understand them fully? Have you read our clan rankings, and do you understand them fully?Just let us know you are leaving so we can rank accordingly.