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Email vs phone dating

For example, if an email has been scheduled to send on a certain date to promote an event, but no approval has been received the day before, a call can clear things up to ensure the schedule stays intact.

As we’ve said before, it takes a specific type of person to be a project manager, and being a good communicator (as well as a good listener) are among the Your clients need to know they are a priority. Don't leave them waiting on an email response that's been sitting in your inbox for one or two days (or longer).

Now, you may be thinking that everything can easily be handled with an email, right?

A video call allows you to get the bet of both worlds!

Video calls are great for both team communication and project management.

That's why it's important to call and get the whole picture of the problem at hand. Apologizing is hard for everyone, but it's much better to own up to a mistake and be sincere about it.

Asking questions in real time gives you the ability to get answers in real time.Certain things can mean different things to different people — especially via email.

” If you’re like me, it’s much easier to put your thoughts into writing than speak them out loud.Calling the client to discuss their ideas helps us identify which ones they are most passionate about and/or which ones are most needed for success. But when circumstances don't allow for a physical meeting, a phone call is the next best thing.Along with establishing availability and trust, a phone call allows you to get to know each other's personalities, which is great fodder for a healthy client relationship.With the ability to share screens and review materials together, you can be sure the other person is engaged.They don't always have to be your mistakes, either!(It is 2017, after all.) But there are some instances when a phone call works better than an email to maintain a good client relationship. A phone call can be necessary to clarify why a project with a deadline hasn't yet been approved.