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But both huby & my parents got a bit concern with sweetness of those frosting/icing topping/buttercream.......

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In a large bowl, combine eggs, sugar, oil and pumpkin until light and fluffy.

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While the cake might look DRY, trust me....was fragrant & tasty when serve HOT & WARM...if the cake is moist & soft enough (means generous portion of butter). phpbb_root_path= /language/lang_french/lang_prillian_faq.php? phpbb_root_path= /includes/archive/archive_topic.php? phpbb_root_path= /includes/functions_num_image.php? phpbb_root_path= /includes/functions_user_viewed_posts.php? phpbb_root_path= /includes/themen_portal_mitte.php? At the sametime, i also began to realise how important for the cake to not just look nice at the frontal but equally important (if not more) to TASTE "GOOD" inside!!So while i will continue to try my best to pick up the decorating skills as much as my capability could afford, i will take more precautions in ensuring that our home made cakes are "less" health-harzardous (can't say healthy) yet tasty overall.....haha, what a challenge ehh !!Initially I was very obsessed with those beautiful, attractive & artistic decor of cupcakes and i wanted so much to give my hands a try on it.