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One of the three Christmas masses at the basilica was titled Ad Praesepe, or “to the crib” (“Nativity Scene” 407).

Famed Indiana author, Kurt Vonnegut, once wrote: “I don’t know what it is about Hoosiers.

But wherever you go there is always a Hoosier doing something very important there.” This was certainly true of the late Superintendent of the Ohio District of the United Pentecostal Church, Bro.

This year remember that each crèche, whether grand or humble, is rooted in ancient Christian worship and reminds us of the divine loftiness and incarnated lowliness of the Blessed Divine Child, Jesus Christ. Church’s Holy-Days the Only Safeguard Against the Desecration of the Lord’s Day. Berg, “People are melted to tears in hearing this singing.

It is the harmony of heaven and the Holy Ghost puts music in the voices that are untrained.” Ever critical of the formalization of the developing Pentecostal movement, Bro.

In England and the American Colonies, Christmas celebrations suffered under the ascetic regulations of the Puritans, who outlawed Christmas commemorations, along with other “Holy-dayes” in June 1647, claiming they had been “superstitiously used and observed” (Grapel 26). On June 15, 1906, Bartleman participated in the inspired singing while attending a service at Azusa: It [the “Heavenly Anthem”] was a spontaneous manifestation and rapture no earthly tongue can describe. No one could understand this “gift of song” but those who had it. It was a gift from God of high order, and appeared among us soon after the “Azusa” work began. The Lord had sovereignly bestowed it with the outpouring of the “reside of oil,” the “Latter Rain” baptism of the Spirit.

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In the seventeenth century, versions of the Christmas scene began to appear in homes, some mere folk art and others more developed. In 1906, the Pentecostals in Los Angeles reported singing in tongues.

Frank Emerson Curts was born September 16, 1889 to Joseph and Isabelle Curts in Muncie, Indiana, where he spent his boyhood.The small clay figurines represented the usual characters from the biblical account (Mary, Joseph, Jesus, angels, shepherds, and Magi) but also included a variety of tradespeople such as a baker, fishmonger, mayor and others. The Lord giving new voices, he translates the songs into new tongues, he gives the music that is being sung by the angels and has a heavenly choir all singing the same heavenly song in harmony. “ One of the clearest descriptions of the “Heavenly Anthem” comes from Bro.When French migrants came to Canada, they began the tradition of placing the sets beneath the branches of a Christmas tree (“Nativity Scene” 409). It is beautiful music, no instruments needed in the meetings. Jennie Evans Moore, who later married William Seymour, was the first to experience heavenly singing on April 9, 1906 when she became the first woman to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost at prayer meetings on Bonnie Brae Street, she testified: “I sang under the power of the Spirit in many languages . Frank Bartleman, an itinerant Holiness evangelist who joined the Pentecostal movement and chronicled the advent of the Apostolic Faith in southern California.Political pundits postulate about the impact on the separation of Church and State, and religious bigots harp about the affront to tolerance and diversity. Missionary George Berg recognized some of the languages used by the singers, including Hindustani and Gujerathi.However, through the efforts of tenacious Christian celebrants, the scenes persist from elegant, artistic representations to live reenactments to kitschy lawn ornaments. Francis in the small Italian hermit’s chapel is now a fixture of the Faith. God’s Fool: the Life and Times of Francis of Assisi. On Christmas Day 1906, the Azusa saints experienced the phenomenon during an all-day meeting, and the singing was fittingly interpreted: “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, good will to men.” According to Bro.They generally show a swaddled baby surrounded by ox and ass, a common motif based on Isaiah 1:3: “The ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master’s crib. .” Some depict the Bethlehem star, the Virgin Mary, the shepherds or Magi and, less often, Joseph. The first documented usage of the Nativity in worship occurred in 4th Century Rome at the basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, where a Christian shrine included boards traditionally associated with the manger which held the Christ Child.