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1st 2nd base dating

(note: say this with proper echoed intonations for full effect).

If you’re wondering why did you have to learn what are the bases in dating and why did the universal metaphor come down to baseball, well, just remember how the guy hitting the ball is called and you’ll get it.

for those who may not know, this "bases" traditionally are: First: kissing Second: Play above the waist Third: Play below the waist Home Run: Actual sex Usage is in discussion with friends afterward, "Oh, I only got to first base." .. So, the lady wife and I have had an argument that goes way back to the first time.

The batsmen just go back and forth, back and forth...well, I suppose that's something.

I suppose it could go something like this, though: 1 run.

While I fully acknowlege that this is a a silly argument to have, the question remains, Do guys have a second base? The "Base" system, as learned in high school, is a simple social/dating tool used by "So Horney It Hurts" teen boys to determine a girls willingness to contribute to the next six months worth of masturbatory fanticies.

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In the midst our our play, she reached first for the nether regions.

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So, getting bases are good, the higher the base you claim the closer you are to your goal of achieving a home-run."Bases" used by teen girls and as understood by teen boys is as follows. your car, arm, jacket, the burger you just bought her, her hair, breathes, etc) it means she wants to have sex with you. I generally judge the bases as to what the guy is doing to the girl.Even in highschool, we all have different definitions of the bases. Originally posted by Knead To Know I enjoy the quote, "Whoever named it 'necking' was a poor judge of anatomy." Kid: We're just necking! Well, put your neck back in your pants and go home.But since you Googled “what are the bases in dating” you must either be a non-US citizen or eight years old, in which case you should be quick as your older brother might get into the room and you’ll have to endure years of getting made fun of brutally for this search. But in case you’re not from the North American continent or Japan and have the luck of not knowing anything about baseball, this terminology can be too confusing and you end up knowing only that something sexual happened between two people. Baseball is a deeply complicated game with a lot of “ifs” and “but ifs” so it cannot be explained in great detail here, nor is that why you are here for.But you need to know some rules of this sport so you can understand the metaphor. " A further aside would be to wonder if the Brits do this with cricket terms...