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Even the It's both exciting and terrifying thinking about technological advances to come.

Our favorite improv lines from the full version below: "Reagan, Reagan your body is so hot and shakin'... all the food you can eat." View Now If you're feeling adventurous, Pure Wow has a fantastically clever (albeit weird to watch) DIY way to get those hard-to-reach parts of your back forever covered up from Mr. You should bring several non-judgemental friends to help you, just in case. View Now Paddy James became an internet sensation when his buddy Robert Keane posted a message on Facebook.

/ I want to put you on a grill and turn you into some bacon." "You're a princess, you're an angel / you're a princess angel perfect Pringle." "Oh Allie please... The two had planned an east coast trip together but Robert backed out, leaving Paddy to travel alone.

View Now Hope For Paws never gives up on an animal that needs a bit of rescuing, even if they seem nasty at first.

This abandoned dog certainly had a nasty bark, but luckily he had no bite.

Born with a long list of congenital health problems, he's been in and out of the hospital his entire life with over 70 surgeries to date.

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Almost like dogs or even people, the robots in this video are trying to get through a door.The two band together to accomplish their goal, and it's a just a little bit scary to see how much they can do!

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Alex was showing his visiting family around Houston, Texas when they spot a driver in a white Mustang traveling all over the road.View Now There are legends and then there are people that legends want to be like when they grow up. He doesn't need water to go kayaking, or warm weather or a shirt. View Now To say that the Valenzuela's have been through a lot would be a drastic understatement.Anthony and Ryan are 12-year-old twins and Ryan has been fighting for his life every moment of those 12 years.When Robert offered his place traveling with Paddy, admirers from all over began reaching out to Paddy.He joins our Please enable Java Script to watch this video.Because shopping for women's lingerie as a man can be an awkward experience, the folks at Buzz Feed Video are testing to see just how price-savvy guys actually are when it comes to the negligees, teddys and thongs they love on the ladies.